Labor Day celebrated in Fajr Petrochemical Company
Fajr Petrochemical Company held the International Labor Day along with a special festival about the ...
16:54 ( 07 05 18)
More than 500 hours of fieldwork spent on auditing, safety, health conditions and environment of Fajr Petrochemical Company
A team of domestic and foreign experts have conducted the auditing on the system of Fajr Petrochemic ...
16:52 ( 25 04 18)
Fajr Petrochemical Company receives a plaque of appreciation
Fajr Petrochemical Company, as the most transparent stock exchange-related publisher of the Iranian ...
16:51 ( 18 04 18)
Fajr Petrochemical Company wins Excellence Award for the 3rd consecutive year
​Fajr Petrochemical Company won crystal statue for the third consecutive year the Petrochemical Indu ...
16:30 ( 18 04 18)

Fajr Petrochemical

Fajr Petrochemical Company in 1377 with the aim of providing the Nyazshrkthay utility located in Bandar Imam Special Economic Petrochemical Zone Last 4 was established as the first utility-focused company in the country was put into operation in 1381, with the expansion of the company and increase projects National Petrochemical Company on 2 and 3, Fajr Petrochemical Company to provide new utility action plan to implement the development plan was dawn on 2. The company's major shareholders, Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (with 70 percent) and stock equity (30 percent) are.

The processing units of this plant include: the power generating units, the steam units, dispatching .The most important characteristic of the power station is it's compatibility with the environment. The 2 and 4 gas turbine units have a capacity to generate 648 megawatts.

The air units at Fajr petrochemical complex include two compartments: the compression and the Separation parts. The capacity of the compression unit is 16500 cubic meter per hour and is 15500 cubic meter per hour for compressed and non-compressed air respectively. This capacity is required to sustain the accurate instruments.

The Water Treatment Plant consists of the pre treatment, the reverse osmosis, DMwater, the condenser recycled water, fresh water and the water for the fire fighters. The Water Treatment Plants capacity in area 1 is 7000 cubic meter per hour and in area 2 is 4800 cubic meter per hour.

The area 1 Effluent Treatment Plant has been designed to purify the high TDS water wastage, low TDS water wastage, and the rest rooms wastage materials.
The capacity of this area for the high TDS is 70 cubic meter per hour

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